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Which one are you?

There’s 2 types of people when it comes to Motocross performance. 1. There’s the Explorer 2. Then there’s the Producer.

I’ve worked with and alongside many elite athletes during the past 20 years. When it comes to programming and performance, whether this is in the gym or on the bike I’ve noticed there’s 2 kinds of people.

Firstly you’ve got the explorer.

This type of person is the one who is looking to buy the latest factory add on to their bike, the new tyre for race day, the latest and greatest supplement on the market, the most effective heart rate monitor, a new clutch at every race, they’ve bought the latest exhaust system, the new launch control button and the newest model mx bike on the market. They’re searching facebook for the fastest way to get fit and looking for the newest diet on the market to get them their results.

The sad fact about exploration, much like the oil and gas industry there’s countless amounts of money spent looking for the perfect pot of gold. Companies spend millions into the billions searching for that reservoir that will provide years and years of countless energy and then very big profits to the companies. What you don’t see or read about is all the money they are losing or have spent in search of this. You always hear of the successes.

Now if you’re an explorer on the motorbike you’re always searching for that elusive moment where you’re hoping a magic supplement or the latest factory gadget will increase your performance and give you unlimited returns to your riding ability. At times trying to replicate what the big factory/professional boys are doing in the sport. To me, it’s very amusing to walk around the pits at a club motocross event, seeing how much money has been spent on bikes, investing every cent they have on their bike to increase their performance on the track only to be eating a bucket of hot chips and drinking a bottle of coke. You hear a lot of people in motocross complain about the expense of the sport and cannot afford a Personal Trainer, or even in my case can’t afford the $49 to buy the “Train Like the Pros” program. Yet, you see what they spend on their bikes and it makes you laugh. Elite, professional riders, even the likes of Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed etc… even say the power on a 450 is too much, yet local club guys are trying to make their bikes faster. My suggestion to these guys is learn how to use your brakes later into a corner, learn how to carry more speed through a corner and perhaps have the fitness and strength to sustain even lap times throughout an entire race without crashing and see how your results change then, without any modification to your bike.

So my advice to people who are explorers and unfortunately this is the majority of the case I challenge you to start thinking about production. Production is all about the mindset and how you extract what you know is possible and turning it into a belief and then making it happen.

Production mindset.

Notice how I said mindset! Very much again like the Oil and Gas industry I will make reference. If you’re in production in an oil and gas field, you know the resources are there beneath you, all you need to do now is extract the asset using tools and advisors to ensure the production is controlled and is released only when you need it, ensuring there is no wastage in performance and results in the future.

Yeah, sure before production begins you have had to explore a little. The fact is when it comes to motocross combined with performance you need a few things. Riding skills, fitness and strength. That pretty much sums it up. You can have all the riding skills in the world but if you’re body cannot keep up with your mind you’ll find yourself riding above your bodies ability and the body will fail you ending up in a crash.

Production is all about performance. What resources you are using to extract every bit possible to help you on the bike. It’s easy to produce the materials, you just walk into a shop and you buy the bike you want. The riding skills take time. You’ll need a coach. In Australia I’m now seeing more and more riding schools and coaching schools becoming readily available. I’m not sure if Greg Moss has a twin brother, but that guy is everywhere. His passion to help riders young and old, beginner and experienced still amazes me. If you haven’t been to one of his schools I highly recommend you get there. Proof is in the pudding when you look at his two sons in Jake and Matt Moss. Even Greg will tell you to this day, he has never owned a High Pressure cleaner to clean his kids bikes after races.

Production is all about how you will extract what is within your resources. Your mindset on how you think every day about how you are going to increase your performance on the bike. Are you searching the internet for the latest newest part? Are you thinking about how you’re going to get more ride time in with a coach or mentor to help you with your line choices and performance on the bike? Are you thinking of what you are going to do today to increase your fitness or strength? Are you preparing your meal strategy for the day leading up to the weekends racing.

Production is all about defining what you believe will help you increase your performance on the bike and going to make it happen. Your mindset is what will increase your performance on the bike. Not the latest greatest factory part or new clutch. It’s all about the effort you put into your training on the bike, it’s all about the effort about producing results in the gym, increasing your performance in the gym and it’s all about how you fuel your body in preparation for all the training you’re about to do the coming week and post races.

Production takes mindset planning, visualizing what you’re going to do to increase your performance in the coming weeks, not exploring the latest MX magazine for new parts or scrolling through facebook for the best diet ever.

Get out there, start producing results by doing what you believe in.

I’m sure if you believe doing a 10km road bike ride, 50 push ups, 1km on the Concept 2 rower followed by a 2km swim will help you increase your performance on the bike then I can guarantee you it will. Is the most effective way to train for on the bike. In my opinion no. But I can tell you if every time you do this exact workout and you perform it better, perform it faster and increase your overall strength whilst in doing so, I know 100% your bike performance will improve.

Stop searching for the magic pill, the newest part. Start producing results using the most important factor that will help with your performance on the bike;

  1. Riding Skills
  2. Strength
  3. Fitness
  4. Conditioning

Once you think you’ve done the most you can from these 4 skills and you no longer see any improvements on the bike its then and only then you need to take the next step and start employing strategies and people who specialize in these particular fields.

Ride safe and have fun.

Shaun Baxter


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