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Know your limits

Know Your Limits On The Bike

Have you ever thought about how you race? If it be enduro or motocross. I’m going to go through today a few plans for motocross.

You’d be amazed at how guys train in the gym is how they race their bike on the weekends.

Here’s some key points you must have to be able to race a bike;
•    Bike knowledge/skills
•    Fitness
•    Strength
•    Core
•    Mental approach
•    Strategy
•    Ability

Let’s talk Mental today.

If you were to come and ask me how to beat a rider, I’d say go and watch him train in the gym. Find out where his weaknesses are not only physically, but more importantly mentally.

This is why I have had so much success with riders in the past. I identify not only their strengths and make them better at it, I also identify their weaknesses and then work hard with them at overcoming them. You’ll rarely beat a rider on his strengths. But if you can identify his weaknesses you will always know how to beat him/her.

This was one area we focused on so much when I played AFL for the Footscray/Western Bulldogs Football Club in the mid 1990’s.

That’s why in Tennis especially you will see certain players have the edge over their competitors all so often.
Not only do you need to know your own race plan from the outset based on what position you are in out of the first corner, you also need to identify where it will be easy to pass riders on your way to the front of the pack. You will need to identify a few things about riders you are looking to pass or fend off.

Here’s a couple of scenarios if you were coming up behind a rider in a moto.
•    Is the rider fit and will they last the speed he/she is carrying currently?
•    Will they pull you closer to the next rider in front of them?
•    Is the rider riding above their limits, often missing lines and making mistakes?
•    Do you need to pass this rider as soon as possible due to their lack of ability, high risks of crashing and riding outside their own ability?
•    Will the rider be aggressive when you pass them? Do you need to make the pass fast and clean and then push hard for half a lap to drop them off your ass?
•    Can you make the pass easy, settle in and focus on your next rider ahead?

There are so many more factors / scenarios I can throw at you. All of which you have to make in a split decision most of the time on the bike. All whilst focusing on your own skills / fitness /strength and issues out on the track!

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about 2 of those things above. Fitness & Strength???

Wouldn’t it be great to just focus on your riding ability and ensuring you are choosing good lines and pushing hard when you need to without having to worry about arm pump, fatigue, lower back blowing out, heart rate racing, legs tired and shoulders feeling as though they are going to fall off?

To me the funnest part of riding a motorbike is I am able to ride it based on my knowledge and ability on the bike. The fitness and strength component has never been an issue

Hope you all have a great day, if you’re hitting the track stay safe, stay hydrated and stay focused.



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