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Have you been tested lately?

Ever felt like something just isn't right?

With all the information in the world today on health, fitness, nutrition and exercise is it any wonder we get confused and at times just give up because there’s so much confusion and conflict out there.

I get confused so I’m imagining you do to.

The use of providing you with information about helping you to live a better life is using purely and simply my own life experiences. I use these not to impress you but to impress upon you. Although we  have a different make up of our bodies,  different ages and lead possibly different lifestyles I would like to think some of my experiences in life can at times relate to yours and help you in some way to help improve your lifestyle.

Which brings me to this report.

Blood Testing.

I can advise on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle but what I’ve learned in the past week is that your blood samples can and does tell an accurate measurement of what is happening inside your body.

Just recently I had what I call my “Wellness” tests all re-done again. I do this approx. every 6 months.

It gives me a great insight to where I’m at with my inner health and what is happening with my hormone levels.

Feel free to copy and past the blood test I had below and take them to your doctor and ask for these tests also.

Here is what I had tested.

Blood Tests Requested
Aldosterone/Renin ratio, ACTH, GH, FBC, corrected Ca, se Cortisol, Vit D, Vit C, Mg, Zn, HbA1c, IGFBP3, IGF-1, PSA, Prolactin, Test/SHBG/FAI/DHEA, FSH/LH/E2/Prog, Fe Studies, Homocysteine, Insulin, Fasting Glucose, LFT’s, Fasting Chol/LDL/HDL, eGFR, ESR, CRP, U+E, TSH/T3/T4/Thy Ab, Thyroglobulin, B12/se B12/ se Folate

You’re probably thinking what do all these mean. So was I at the time.

The results of my tests showed this;

My body had a lot of inflammation in it.
Result of a consuming too much Saturated Fats. We sourced this to taking Coconut Oil. So I have now stopped taking this. Also this lead to a higher HDL Cholesterol count.

My body was at the lower end or deficient in;
Iron – I had an iron infusion done
Magnesium – Had and injection to boost this
Zinc – Had and injection to boost this
Vit B – Had and injection to boost this

An interesting find was;
My body lacked a hormone called Albumin and Protein. This was quite a surprise to me considering I consume Protein at each meal.

My levels were;
Protein 65L (normal range is 66-83)
Albumin 35L (normal range is 37-48)

The conclusion on the above was that the Protein I consume in my body was not being absorbed into my blood / muscles which could lead to lack of protein synthesis to allow recovery and growth in my muscles and also lead to daily fatigue.

It’s interesting to look back at my training and at times I wondered for the effort I put in and how hard I train 2 things come to mind.

1. I wasn’t getting the results what I would have expected. I just put it down to getting older and that was just how it was.

2. I was always wiped out for the rest of the day if I trained quite hard. Which when I was in my younger years I’d do up to 5 times the more volume in training and could not remember feeling so stuffed after training.

Again I just put this down to getting older.

So I’ve been prescribed a product called Creon which I take 1 capsule before I eat and apparently this will help with Protein absorption into my body. Let’s hope so!

My DHEA was low. I think this is where the body turns it into testosterone from memory. So I’m now taking a DHEA prescription from the Docs.

So there you go. Here I was thinking I was doing everything right for me at my age and level of knowledge.

But at the end of the day your bloods tell the entire truth of it all. You may ask yourself why do I have these deficiencies especially leading the healthy lifestyle I do 80% of time. My doctor purely and simply said it’s the repercussions of the Radiation treatment I had when I had cancer.

Radiation is evil. It strips you of anything healthy in your body and supposed to kill the cancer at the same time. Not sure if I’ve told you but my Cancer was right on the nerves of my brain and spine and spread throughout my ear, nose and throat canals. They attempted to protect as much of the head/brain region during my treatment but obviously could not protect my vital areas entirely.

Many times Doctors still question how I do what I do in my life considering the degree of treatment I had during Cancer Treatment. Even to the point they sometimes say I am very lucky to be alive even today. Well that’s great to hear, not!

In my mindset I just try to do everything possible to keep me healthy. Yes, I enjoy my food, my desserts and cakes all in moderation.

My choice of supplementation today is trying to give my body the best nutrients I can to sustain a healthy life.

Multi Vitamin from Xtend Life (ranked no1. in the world)
Fish Oil from Xtend Life
Green Vibrance – I get from iherb.com

Then to support my training I take
Protein Powder
Beta Alanine

I would like to think that I’m giving my body the best nutrients to allow me to try and lead a physically active life.

And what I’ve learned and give the highest priority to being active is now my Mobility training. Without improving my Mobility in my body it would not allow me to train the way I do. I’d be getting injured and exercise would be more detrimental to me than advantageous. Mobility is my key to training to live longer and stay stronger as I age. Without Mobility you cannot train as the muscles and body will be that tight and stiff that an injury is inevitable and we all know what happens when we get injured as we get older. We give up and you tell yourself you’re just getting older and your past your time. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Work on your Mobility and you will be able to train longer and get stronger as you get older!

Hope you enjoyed reading.



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