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Shaun Baxter

Do you get frustrated at all the hype about health and how easy it is to achieve results, but you personally have trouble getting started through fear of the unknown, or you have trouble continuing what you started because you don’t see results?

A lot of people who don’t know me will judge me by the way I look (most of the time anyway).

I struggle to stay in shape for many reasons. I’m continually asked by my Doctors “How are you still doing this” or “I’m amazed at what you’re able to do”

I’m lucky you see because I’ve always had a driving ambition to be fit and healthy. I grew up in a sporting environment and was lucky enough to be very successful at sport when I was young. Especially at Athletics where I was ranked No. 2 in Australia and then went on to play AFL with the Western Bulldogs and Geelong Football Clubs respectively.

But to me, that’s as far as it went and then it all turned to… well let’s say it… shit!

Since 1996 I’ve struggled both physically and mentally with my health. Where my success and enjoyment has come in my career is helping others through the exact same situations I’ve been through!

It’s frustrating when you see a specialist or when it comes to your physical health, a Personal Trainer who does not relate to you. Most Trainers are healthy, strong fit, eat organically healthy and wouldn’t know from a bar of soap how you are feeling or what you are going through.

I wake up every day struggling to walk when I get out of bed. My knees are in pain, my feet hurt and my energy levels are low… I’ve often been referred to by my Specialist Doctor as “The Diesel Body”, he doesn’t understand how I keep on going, but whatever I’m doing it’s working, so keep doing it!

To me, fitness and exercise is my only way I believe I’m going to stay healthy. I vary my workouts, I vary my duration and intensities all the time. The one thing I know works for sure is that if I exercise at least 3 days per week, my body feels so much healthier.

When I work with people the first thing to establish is there exercise history, their health and also what they want to achieve. I set out a plan on helping people take one step at a time ensuring they are comfortable with their movements and training before stepping up the volume of their training.

I’ve worked with professional athletes where mindset and mental strength plays a vital role to improving their performance. I’ve also worked with many mature aged people who are just looking to live stronger longer enabling them to enjoy their later years in life!

If you think you’d like to improve your life for whatever reason I strongly urge you to get in contact with me to discuss a plan moving forward.

Life Before Cancer!

I was determined to become a professional athlete. I was very successful at Athletics, with my highest performance being at 16years of age I was ranked No.2 in Australia in the Decathlon.

In 1994 I was told by Terry Bright, my then football coach he had never had to tell anyone in his life to stop training. I’ve always been determined to succeed.

In 1995 I was drafted to the Western Bulldogs Football club. I played there for 3 years before moving over to the Geelong Football Club in 1998.

Life Post Cancer!

I was diagnosed with a very rare form of Cancer at age 18. Nasopharyngeal Cacinoma. I was told I had only 10months to live.

I’ve broken 28 bones in my body in the past 12 years.

I’ve been in an induced Coma for 7 days whilst Doctors tried to figure out how to drain an abscess close to the nerves of my brain

I’ve punctured both my lungs at once in a motocross accident.

I’ve had my throat cut whilst awake and a Tracheotomy performed because I stopped breathing due to a condition I have called HAE Type III.

The better you’re able to separate what you can control from what you can’t, the happier and more productive you’ll be!

My Experience

I owned and operated Epic Lifestyle in Western Australia with my wife Carmen before moving to Queensland.
Check out the video below showing you the culture and fun times had.

Organizations I've worked for implementing Health Programs and/or Sports Strength & Conditioning Programs













My Passion and Specialty is working with Extreme Athletes that require a strong mindset for focus and strategy and cognitive skills, and athletes that requires a strong core for stability and balance and all athletes that need to improve their performances in their chosen sport.

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Athletes you may know I have worked with;

  • Josh Sheehan – 2014 Red Bull X-Fighters Freestyle Motocross Champion
  • Caleb Grothues – 2012 FIM World 65cc Motocross Champion
  • Noah Smerdon – 2015 65cc Australian National Motocross Champion
  • Jayden Rykers – 2015 2nd place – MXD  National Motocross Championships

In the Western Australian 2013 & 2014 Motocross Season I trained up to 30 Motocross riders weekly in his gym, Epic Lifestyle.

In those years riders who trained at Epic Lifestyle dominated the  Championship podiums at the conclusion of each season.

2013 - In the Pro Open Class

Louis Calvin 1st Place

Kyle Webster 2nd Place

Josh Adams 4th Place

2013 - In the Pro Lites Class

Josh Adams 1st Place

Kyle Webster 2nd Place

Jayden Rykers 4th Place

2014 - In the Pro Open Class

Kyle Webster 1st Place


2014 - In the Pro Lites Class

Jayden Rykers 1st Place

Kyle Webster 2nd Place

Josh Adams 3rd Place


2014 - In the Pro Veterans Class

Scott Petricevich 1st Place

2014 - In the Clubmen Vets Class

Peter Freight 3rd Place

2014 - In the Clubmen Open Class

Dylan Fernihough 1st Place

Contact me!

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