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Motocross Fitness Training

In an instant you know your life can change when riding a bike! 

I know the importance of staying upright on the bike, whether it be racing or out in the bush with your mates. Fitness on the bike is critical to not only performance but staying safe, fit and healthy. I also know I can help you when it comes to keeping your bike upright by improving your fitness, strength, endurance, mental strength and performance.

This program will challenge you and provide new insights on how to train specifically for motocross fitness.


Monday's Madness!

Monday’s can change your life! If you ride a bike for fun or competition on weekends, Monday can either be really good or really bad.

Motocross Fitness on the bike is the most important factor to turning up on Monday. Either to work, school, training or even getting back on the bike.

It doesn’t matter what speeds you ride, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the track or in the bush, every crash you have is a step closer to creating Monday Madness!

Give yourself the best chance possible by improving your fitness on the bike and stay upright!

The program designed by Shaun Baxter is to increase your performance on the bike.

By doing this you will be able to;

  • Keep your focus on your riding knowledge
  • Stay in your preferred riding position without the onset of fatigue and arm pump
  • Use your skills on the bike without worrying about how rough the track gets

The Feeling!

Do you race? You know how it feels when the 30-second board goes up. Your heart races a little faster, some nerves kick in, your breathing changes and your game face comes on.

Did you know nearly all the feedback I get from people performing the “Train Like the Pros” motocross fitness program get that same feeling before their workouts.

Have you ever felt that in the gym before your training sessions?

Motocross Fitness with Shaun Baxter is all about preparing your body and your mind for the challenges motocross throws at you.

Each workout is measured in different ways.

For example;

  • How many crashes did you have in your workout
  • How fast can you complete the session
  • How far can you go before failure
  • How balanced can you stay whilst your heart rate is pounding 100mph

Fatigue Kills!

Fatigue will kill you in many ways on the bike. Fatigue can kill Your Performance, Your Results, Your Riding Style, Your Riding Technique and Your Spirit to want to keep on riding.

One of the least expensive parts for riding a motorbike is staying fit. We all know what parts cost to fix a bike. But at what cost are you willing to place your body and life on? The only difference with parts on a bike is you buy it, bolt it on and away you go.

Parts on your body don’t work like that. What’s hard about buying the motocross fitness training part is you actually have to go and do it. You need to get sweaty, uncomfortable and it will challenge you. But at least at the end of the day it’s only cost you time you put in and it keeps your parts on your body in tact.

If you’d like to feel stronger, fitter and more focused on how you ride your bike and;

  • Never worry about arm pump again
  • Never worry about getting lower back fatigue
  • Never worry about your legs getting tired
  • Never worry about being out of breathe again

I believe I can help you increase your enjoyment and performance on the bike!

Download the free workout below and see if you can get through without a crash

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 'Train Like the Pros' a book or online

The motocross training program is accessed online immediately once you purchase it. In the past, the program was book delivered. Guys would lose it or it would get a bit mashed up. Everything online is in pdf formats for you to print out use whenever you like. Workout Sessions, Information about the program are all printable

Do you provide videos?

In the motocross fitness training sessions online you have access to every exercise performed in the workouts. Even better, Shaun gives you an example of how he would expect you to perform the workout. It’s just not an exercise library. You see for real, how he is doing the workout itself to give you a better understanding of what Shaun expects when you do it yourself

How long does the Motocross Fitness Training program go for

The motocross training program is 3-months. Each month there is 3 different sessions to follow. At the end of the month to 3 sessions change and you get 3 new sessions to follow. In month 1, Session 1 goes for 60minutes, Sessions 2 & 3 are shorter lasting only 30minutes.

What equipment do I need?

You will need access to a pull up bar, either a kettlebell or some dumbells and a Concept 2 Rower is preferred. But if you don’t have access to a Rower, Skipping, Running, Boxing bag, riding a bike, or anything that gets your heart rate elevated is ok to use.

Can Junior Riders do this program?

Absolutely. Shaun is currently training 11year old Noah Smerdon who was the National 2015 National Motocross Champion. Noah’s first 8 weeks was done following the ‘Train Like the Pros’ training program. I suggest contacting Shaun directly and letting him know your sons age and fitness level. He can then make some minor changes to your program to suit your child if necessary

Is the motocross training program proven from riders doing this program?

Yes. Shaun started this program whilst he lived in Western Australia and worked with many riders both Amateur and Professional. Shaun is now living in Queensland. Check out the riders results below who has worked with Shaun doing this program.




I believe I can help you increase your enjoyment and performance on the bike!

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Partnering with Moss Institute – Australia's Leading Motocross and Supercross Coaching Schools.

Knowing the extremities of motocross and the demands it places on the body I have no doubt Shaun’s methods of training motocross riders in one of the best in the country.

His proof is with the riders he has successfully taken to Championship Titles & Podiums.

I highly recommend Shaun’s methods of training which is clearly one of the most unique and sports specific programs I have seen for motocross. 

Motocross being one of the most demanding sports like no other in the world, you need to be fit and strong to be successful and stay safe! I have no doubt, Shaun is the leader in motocross fitness training in Australia.

– Greg Moss

I believe I can help you increase your enjoyment and performance on the bike!

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If you have any questions regarding your interests in Motocross Fitness Training, request a consult with Shaun.

This can be done via phone, Skype or in person.

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