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I was shocked to find this out!

With all the information in the world today on health, fitness, nutrition and exercise is it any wonder we get confused and at times just give up because there’s so much confusion and conflict out there.

But at the end of the day your bloods tell the entire truth of it all. You may ask yourself why do I have these deficiencies especially leading the healthy lifestyle I do 80% of time. My doctor purely and simply said it’s the repercussions of the Radiation treatment I had when I had cancer.

Radiation is evil. It strips you of anything healthy in your body and supposed to kill the cancer at the same time. Not sure if I’ve told you but my Cancer was right on the nerves of my brain and spine and spread throughout my ear, nose and throat canals. They attempted to protect as much of the head/brain region during my treatment but obviously could not protect my vital areas entirely…>>continue reading

Know Your Limits!

You’d be amazed at how guys train in the gym is how they race their bike on the weekends.

Let’s talk Mental today.

If you were to come and ask me how to beat a rider, I’d say go and watch him train in the gym. Find out where his weaknesses are not only physically, but more importantly mentally.

This is why I have had so much success with riders in the past. I identify not only their strengths and make them better at it, I also identify their weaknesses and then work hard with them at overcoming them. You’ll rarely beat a rider on his strengths. But if you can identify his weaknesses you will always know how to beat him/her…>>continue reading

Start Producing and Stop Exploring!

I’ve worked with and alongside many elite athletes during the past 20 years. When it comes to programming and performance, whether this is in the gym or on the bike I’ve noticed there’s 2 kinds of people.

Firstly you’ve got the explorer.

This type of person is the one who is looking to buy the latest factory add on to their bike, the new tyre for race day, the latest and greatest supplement on the market, the most effective heart rate monitor, a new clutch at every race, they’ve bought the latest exhaust system, the new launch control button and the newest model mx bike on the market. They’re searching facebook for the fastest way to get fit and looking for the newest diet on the market to get them their results…..>>continue reading

Developing a Race Plan!

It’s actually interesting reading riders facebook posts from the Nationals evaluating their rides in the past weekend. It still amazes me how many riders drop their bikes in a race. These guys at that level shouldn’t be dropping their bikes.

Obviously there’s many factors relating to why riders crash. I’m going to look at a couple of factors that riders can control.

Two reasons come to mind.
1. They’re riding above their riding skill level.
2. They’re fatiguing physically which leads to lack of concentration and incorrect body positioning on the bike, but still try to maintain bike speed.

Surely these guys must have race strategies, race plans, know their opposition and know when to hit the hammer on the throttle, but to know when to back off and focus….>>continue reading

Technique wins hands down!

This article applies to all modes of bike sports. Whether it’s on a MTB, Road Bike, Enduro or Motocross bike. A program, although it can be designed on paper to suit your specific sport is useless unless you know how to perform the workout using your mental strength rather than just relying on your physical effort…>>continue reading

Why a program on paper is useless unless you're coached!

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations – we fall to the level of our training”
If you train the way you race your racing becomes so much easier. Not all sessions are all about flogging my clients. It’s about re-training their brain to stay switched on under duress and fatigue. Whether that be through balance, coordination, meeting targets or just plain and simple counting to 10 or starting on the buzzer… not 3 seconds later…>>continue reading

You’ve got to Stop Running to Get Bike Fit.


I’d even go as far to say that you should stop Road Bike riding to get bike fitness too. If anything get on a mountain bike. At least that will test your skills when hitting the trails. 

Only reason Aldon Baker gets his riders to ride a road bike is because that’s his background. He was a elite Road Bike Racer…. >>Read More<<

Athletic training and competition comes with two co-pilots:

Stress-imageBalance “good stress” and healthy inflammation with active recovery: You get stronger and more robust and resilient.

Let “bad stress” and chronic inflammation run amok: You break down, perform worse, spend a lot of time on the bench, become metabolically damaged, and (in a worst case scenario) end your athletic career. >>Read More<<

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