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MX kids level 1

Motocross Fitness Training


  • 4 Weeks
  • 3 Sessions per week

Get kick started into specific motocross training for on the bike fitness

Great way to get your kids started into physical bodyweight training in the gym.

Designed for ages 7 years +

Parents can even train alongside your kids :)

All exercises have a video link to show you how to perform the movements correctly.

Product Description

Motocross Fitness
65cc - 85cc Riders
Level 1


4-week training program is designed for both fit, and new riders who want to focus on bodyweight training to increase their bike fitness during the season. You’ll train 3 days a week for four weeks, totaling 12 training sessions. You’ll train preferably Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays for optimal results.

This is a total body conditioning training program. It includes bodyweight strength training for your lower body, upper body and core, as well stability training, cognitive skills and aerobic endurance.

This training program is outcome based. It deploys calisthenics bodyweight and cardio sessions performed to a Timer.  The progressions are based upon the riders ability to perform the technique perfectly to the allocated time.

This way the training plan automatically “scales” to the incoming fitness level of the individual rider. Because it is time based, this program is appropriate for both new and possibly unfit riders, as well as experienced, fit riders. Everyone can benefit.

Further, because it is Timer based, this program can be used in a group fitness setting with a wide variety of athlete fitness levels.


Two pieces of equipment are required to complete this plan:

(1) Pull-up bar
(2) Wrist watch with stopwatch and interval timer (Timex Ironman is best) or an Interval Timer app on your phone (app called runtastic timer is great to use)

(3) Optional: 4x Cones to mark shuttle distances (though anything will do – towels, shirts, etc.)

(4) Optional: Mat to use on ground to support athletes backs / elbows

What about stretching?

Mobility work is included in the warm ups, and riders can strength and foam roll after running, however, overall strength and fitness is emphasized with this plan, not mobility/flexibility. Feel free to complete additional stretching on your own.

What if I miss a day?

Begin where you left off when you return to training. This programmed is progressed – each session builds upon the prior session – so don’t skip a session or skip around. Follow the training sessions in order, regardless.

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