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Train Like the Pros


This is an online motocross fitness training program.

  • 3 days per week
  • Periodized in 4 week blocks over 12 weeks
  • For competitive riders looking to take their training to the next level

Our top selling and most popular program!

Product Description

In as little as 4 weeks you will see vast improvements on the bike.

There’s no other program like it in the world that is specific to the extremes of racing a motocross bike.

The program is accessed online through your own personal access codes. All programs are in PDF format for you to print out.

All videos of the exercises in the program can be viewed in real time. What this means is that it’s not a demonstration of the exercise. Shaun shows you in real time on the video how he would expect you to perform the workouts on the video.

The weekly schedule for the first four weeks is:

Session 1: 60minutes

Session 2: 30minutes

Session 3: 30minutes

The weekly schedule for the second four weeks is:

Session 1: 45minutes

Session 2: 30minutes

Session 3: 30minutes

The weekly schedule for the third four weeks is:

Session 1: 45minutes

Session 2: 45minutes

Session 3: 45minutes

Bonus material includes ways to stop arm pump.

Article 1: What the product is you can buy from your local supermarket

Article 2: Anecdotal Science Why It Works.

Article 3: Sports Science Proven Results.

Motocross Fitness is one of the most unique ways to train for on the bike. There is no other sport in the world like it.

Train Like the Pros will prepare your body and mind in the gym in readiness for the grueling sport of motocross racing.

Additional Information

Equipment Required

Concept 2 Rower
Pull Up Bar
Kettlebell (weight depends on your own ability.) 20kg Recommended

Sample Training

Session 25

(1) 15x Squats
10x knees to feet to box jump 24″
5x Push up to Pull up
15x KB Swings

Complete 1 full round of the 4 allocated exercises and then rest for 3 minutes.

*View video footage for regressions and progressions
Complete 3 full rounds in total.

(2) 8x Towel Pull ups
10x Toes to Bar
10x Roll back to falling push up

Complete 1 full round before resting. Rest for 3minutes and then repeat for a total number of 3 ciruits in

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