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Motocross Fitness Training

After a thorough analysis and research on the sport of Motocross Shaun is able to prepare riders to peak physical condition to suit your needs when riding.

Shaun has composed detailed day-to-day programs of workouts specific to the requirements and demands on the body in the sport of motocross.

With varying plans based on resources and current ability you’ll be able to do your workouts effectively even without a personal trainer’s supervision.

Individual Training Plans

Contact Shaun today to arrange a free consultation based on your requirements for your training.

Shaun works with International riders on a weekly basis ensuring they are receiving the best off the bike training possible.

You can request a free consultation with Shaun on Skype /Phone or in person at the bottom of this page.

Download a program today!

Programs are offered for all levels of riders form Juniors to Weekend Warriors.

Programs start from $9.95 with differentiating levels for all fitness and strength levels.

Each program prior to purchasing will provide you with a list of equipment required to do the program.

You can refer to Shaun’s exercise library to ensure a full understanding of how to perform the exercises correctly.

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Download The Free Motocross Fitness Challenge No Rider Has Ever Completed First Go!

Can You Last 15minutes Without A Crash?
Combining the Concept 2 Rower with 3 Very Simple Bodyweight Exercises?

MX Fitness Challenge

Our Most Popular Programs

Junior Riders Training Programs


Start from Level 1 and work your way up

65cc-85cc riders

Starting at Level 1 and working your way up the levels.

Juniors will have to complete a Level Test and send it in to Shaun for review before moving to the next level.

Pro Motocross Subscription Program



Each month you will receive an email with the entire months workouts for you to complete.

  • You will get 3 workouts each week to complete.
  • Each workout will have video links to all the movements required in each session.
  • Each workout will have goals to achieve.

This is no ordinary training program.

It is designed for pro / elite riders with a good base fitness to begin with.

Nutriton 101


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Motocross Racing Progams
Recreational Riding Programs
Junior Programs
Mature Age Programs

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