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Ros Smerdon

Mum to Australia's 2015 65cc Motocross Champion

Background from Shaun

Greg Moss advised Ros to contact Shaun to work with Ros’s son Noah, who won the 2015 65cc Class National Championships in Australia. Shaun designed a specific motocross program for both Noah and his brother Adam to improve their core stability and improve their strength and fitness on the bike for the up and coming 2016 motocross season. After 6 weeks of training Shaun received and email from Ros…. The story below.

Ros’s email, 6 weeks into the boys training program.

…I have been so surprised with how well the boys have been going.  The first week they were like “We suck so bad”, they crashed and struggled and puffed and fell in a heap at the end.  Now they are keeping the pace up, not crashing hardly at all and getting better results each week.  Have had to correct the lunges a couple of times as they tend to not drop their back leg enough which gets them better numbers.  We got a concept 2 rower and they have been going well on that – it took us about a week and a half to get one so they just used the old rower.

Sometimes Noah gets a sore back, doing things like elbow up/downs or push ups and when he push presses – I think that’s all to do with his core strength.  It’s only a temporary thing so it’s not an injury more like poor core strength.  Adam will fatigue more than Noah in some workouts.  Their timing with skipping has improved heaps too – Noah really sucked at it.

The boys are really into it – they compete with themselves every time.  The only thing I have found is that if they have ridden that day we can’t do Workout 1 which is the 3 x 20m – they haven’t got the stamina yet to be able to do that really well all the way through – so we will do something easier like some of the stretching/mobility stuff or workout 2.

Surprisingly our 16 year old who has no sport/fitness interest whatsoever has started doing their workouts with them.  We set up the rumpus room with rubber mats and put all the equipment in there and it is really lovely to see them work out together – it has actually brought them together a bit especially Noah and Will as they have the biggest age gap and have nothing really in common – so we must thank you for that added bonus as well.

Take care

Ros’s email, 3 weeks later.

The boys raced at Coolum yesterday and it was very hot.  I tried your suggestion of a killer python and a small cup of powerade straight after each race followed by the bulk powder drink, water and normal food throughout the day.   They both had an intense day – Noah only had one race between 2 of his races so he was eating and drinking in the marshalling area, and Adam had 2 races in between.

They held up really well – didn’t fade at the end of the day – they are tired today again so I am thinking maybe they need to have more bulk powder drink after racing.

I’m not sure whether it’s a mix of improved fitness from your training, the replenishment straight away from the powerade/pythons or a mix but I was really surprised.  They were winning against kids who hadn’t done as many races as they were by 20 or more seconds.  It was only a Club day but the difference was noticeable.  The track was rough but they didn’t crash, and were nice and solid so I think their core strength is definitely improving.

Adam also didn’t get any armpump. He went out there and got 2 holeshots, came 2nd on his 85 A grade and while he won B grade 125, he actually came 3rd overall on the 125 beating a heap of A graders and it was his 2nd race on the 125.  Noah killed it on both the 65 and 85 – 20-30 secs in front.  We timed the boys and they were knocking out lap times that only varied between 1 and 2 seconds and were the fastest times they have done there ever.

Workouts are going well – Noah struggles a bit with the 1000m row and sometimes starts to feel sick towards the end.  He won’t give up though, pushes through so I have told him we will cut it back to 750m and see if that helps.




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